Uttar Pradesh Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh Limited at a glance :

U.P. Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh was established as Sahkari Sanstha under the Act Uttar Pradesh Sahkari Samiti Adhiniyam 1965. Currently U.P.Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh Ltd. is operating as Sahkari Samiti for consumer business and its Registration No. is 4064 dated 20.02.2019.The Head Quarter of U.P.Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh Ltd. is at Upbhokta Bhawan, Wala Kadar Road, Lucknow and its operations are within Uttar Pradesh

The establishment of UPSS in Uttar Pradesh for residents of Rural and Urban Area on level of Nyaya Panchayat operating primary farming loan co-operatives and the Central Consumer Co-operative Store and District Co-operative Association and Co-operative sale/purchase societies working in urban areas to provide daily use consumer goods to high quality and lowest price available, such as soaps, oils, powder, controlled / decontrolled wear, footwear, tire tubes, food, salt, spices and exercise book for ensuring supply. U.P. Upbhokta Sahkari Sangh also works as the Nodal Agency of Uttar Pradesh Govt in Mulya Smarthan Yojna (Price support scheme) for Wheat/Grains and also works under MIS Scheme (Market interfere Scheme) for Potato etc.

Upbhokta Sangh its member of cooperative societies, wholesale consumer cooperative stores give business guidance and advise them on request. For this following works are also handled : -

  • Purchase of consumer goods outside and inside of the State.
  • Store Material/Goods to warehouses and make arrangements for dispatch, from place to place.
  • Government, a public - organization, private company or agent of the cooperative as controls or other consumer goods distribution, collection and to its handling and transportation.
  • Help in supply of necessary and receive small amounts of consumer goods and control of prices of goods.
  • Obtain wholesale agency of consumer goods.
  • Rural area MP Fund, the MLA Fund and funds from Rural Development Department, etc. in the village construction of street, gutter, Brick Street, Hand pump and other development to act as periodically at the local government/state government are directed.
  • To make arrangements to provide building materials, etc. and members to as per need residence, or are to make and provide necessary materials for this purpose and to make and give technical advice.
  • To farmers / consumers as much as possible from the same center with consumer goods, fertilizers, seeds, farming device, pesticide, diesel, kerosene, cooking gas (LPG / petrol pump) of the agency to get.
  • To the business of life saving and other drugs.
  • The work of transportation of fertilizers, rack handling and handling of the work.
  • To make arrangements and business of cattle-feed, oil seed, linseed, fodder etc.
  • Work of purchasing of wheat and paddy from farmers under the Value Support Scheme as the nodal agency of the State Government.
  • As the nodal agency of the State Government, potato was taken under MIS (Market Intervention Scheme).
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